Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tummy time and distractions

Aubrey turned 4 months on Friday. Wow, really!?!?!? Sometimes I say "wow, it's only been 4 months since I gave birth?" And sometimes, I'm like "wow, she is so old."

This has been a super fun month. Aubrey is really developing and showing her personality. She is a very happy girl in general. She LOVES people and is a social butterfly. While all of her developments are fun and exciting, they are also a little bit obnoxious :). Let's start with Aubrey's new love of being on her belly. She learned to roll a little less than a month ago. Now, she insists on being on her tummy all the time. One problem with this is that she can't roll the other way, so when she is ready to flip back over, she screams. Also, she has started to flip during the night. It's a little scary to wake up and find your baby face down. This was cause for a few restless nights for mom. Also, the first 2 nights that she slept on her belly, she woke up at 3:30 and 4:00 am.; a little rough when we are used to sleeping through the night. Now, she is used to it and sleeps the whole night on her belly. We tried fighting it and flipping her onto her back at first, but it is not worth the battle. The doc says it's fine if she is flipping over on her own, then she is strong enough to handle sleeping on her belly.

Showing off her tummy skills
In addition to spending time on her tummy, Aubrey is now very distractible. This new "skill," of distraction is at it's highest while she is eating. I now refer to feedings as a "three-ring circus." If I talk, if dad walks in, if the TV is on or if the dogs make noise, she loses focus and turns to whatever is making the noise. I usually read when I feed her, but I can't even turn the page of my book without her losing focus. In order for Aubrey to eat, we must be in a quiet, dark room, and even then, she will stop eating and decide it's a good time for smiles and a conversation. So, what used to take 20 minutes now takes about an hour. Though, it's impossible to get mad about her about this, because she is so precious when she looks up at you and smiles.

Mom and Aubrey
Dad and Aubrey

Another fantastic thing is that Aubrey is starting to laugh. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it is wonderful. The thing that really makes her laugh is when you kiss her belly. Apparently, that is really funny :)

Let's see, other updates: Shots, Aubrey's first cold, becoming fascinated with the dogs, enjoys grabbing things (including mom's hair... ouch!), playing in her walker, a lot of drooling and much more.

Cutie Pie!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aubrey until now

Here is my attempt to capture the last 3 months in one blog:

Well, Aubrey was born May 16, 2011 at 12:47 a.m. Mom was in labor for 36 hours and there were some scares during the labor. Aubrey's heart rate kept slowing down and they prepared us for a C-Section. Luckily, we didn't have to do that and Aubrey entered the world screaming, which was music to our ears. She was 6lbs 15 oz (which is exactly how much mom weighed when she was born) and 19.5 in. We spent 2 nights in the hospital and learned a lot. It was so weird taking her home. I don't think we have ever driven so carefully.

Aubrey's very first picture

Mom and dad welcoming their bundle of joy

Sleepy little girl

Brand new

Ok guys, I'm ready to go home

Welcome home baby girl

This summer was full of lots of love from many visitors. Aubrey is a popular little lady.

We loved being at home with Aubrey. It's crazy what a sharp learning curve having a little one is. For awhile, it seemed like the outside world didn't exist; it felt like it was just us, our happy little fam. We were very fortunate to have people making us meals and helping us out... it made the transition so much easier.

Pretty little girl

A picture of the times. Great Grandma Cele looking at Aubrey on an i-pad

One of Aubrey's first smiles caputured on camera
Look at Aubrey holding her head up high... she's a strong one
All bundled up for a walk
Funny pic :)
Enjoying the beautiful summer nights
The whole family :)
Aubrey taking mom in
Aubrey and dad having a serious conversation
Dad's already trying to convince her to be a Cubs fan
Sleeping with her arms in the air
Mom and Aubrey at 2 weeks
Daddy's little girl

The summer was full of fun times! We took Aubrey to the mountains many times. We went to Steamboat/Craig when she was just 2 weeks old. Wow, were we crazy to do that. We also made trips to Telluride, Montrose, Glenwood Springs and Winter Park. In addition to Colorado trips, we had an adventure out to Kansas. Aubrey is a pretty good little traveler.

Aubrey's first time swimming
Hanging in the mountains with Grandma
Hanging on the lake in KS.
Passed out after getting home from KS
Enjoy a concert in the park

Now we are back at school and Aubrey spends her days at Daycare with Cindy. Aubrey is a little flirt and smiles and coos at the little boys who are at daycare with her.

Aubrey is a happy, happy girl. She loves to smile and explore the world around her. She loves being around people and one of her favorite places to be in outside. She also loves to stand and be upright. Currently, she is mastering the art of sucking her thumb. She has also rolled over both ways, but one once or twice. She squeals delightfully at her toys. Oh, and we are now going on 3 nights of her sleeping from 8 pm-6 am... woo hoo. We are blessed with a wonderful little girl and are so excited to be with her every day.

Aubrey's pouty face makes us laugh
Aubrey loves bath time, but hates getting out of the bath
Loving's her favorite

Well, there you go. 3 1/2 months wrapped up in one blog. It's impossible to capture everything that Aubrey is in words and pics, but that's my best effort.

Goodnight :)

New commitment

Ok, so it is extremely hard to find time/energy to blog. It is the last thing we want to do at the end of a long day. However, we were just discussing the fact that keeping up with the blog will be a great way to look back on Aubrey's life. So, we are going to try to blog at least once a month.

Wish us luck in this endeavor :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whoa baby baby

Well, almost everyone knows this already, but just in case you didn't get the memo, we are having a baby! The baby is due in about 3 months, but this is the first official blog about our bundle of joy on the way. Here's the story to this point.

We found out that we were going to have a baby in September. We were getting ready to head to Craig to see Scott and Catherine and meet their new baby girl Allison. As Ang was waiting for Chris to get home from school, she took a pregnancy test, and low and behold, it was positive. Ang surprised Chris with a card and the positive test as soon as he got home. Chris was, in a word, shocked. I believe his exact words were "I need to sit down." It took him about 3 hours (almost the whole drive to Craig) to get the wide eyed look off of his face.

Well, we kept it a secret for awhile. Ang's mom came to visit at around 6 weeks, and we did tell her and Doug. They were very excited! Then, when we were in Breckenridge at around 9 or 10 weeks, we told Chris's fam. It took Deb a couple of hours to really understand what was going on. Then, a week later, we told Ang's dad when they came to visit. So, the families all knew and we waited until after we heard the heartbeat to tell the rest of the world.

A very blurry image of our baby at 12 weeks

Ang has kind of lucked out and had a pretty easy pregnancy. The first couple of months, she was exhausted, which is typical. There was one day where she was sick, but that may have been the flu. Other then that, she's been pretty lucky.

At 20 weeks, we went in for our ultrasound and found out that we are having a little girl! We were trying to keep the sex a secret, but the ultrasound tech accidentally put the report saying it was a girl right on top of the paperwork that she handed to Ang. Oh well. The 20 week ultrasound was really cool. We got to see our little girl moving around and sucking her thumb.

Ang~17 weeks

Ang~23 weeks

Right now, we are at about 26 weeks, entering the 3rd trimester. Only about 3 months until our little girl makes her way into this world! We are very excited an looking forward to meeting her. Now, we just need to get her room ready :)

Anyway, there is the story about our Baby Girl so far.

The Suns so Hot...

Have you ever head Jimmy Buffett's song Mexico? Well, if not, listen to it. It will make you want to drop everything and head for a beach in Mexico. We were lucky enough to spend Christmas in Mexico. Chris's parents own a time share, and they were kind enough to book the whole family a trip to Cabo for Christmas. Here are some highlights.

Many hours were spent hanging out by the Infinity Pool. One of the greatest things about Mexico is laying by the pool or beach and relaxing. This was the perfect place to relax.

No trip to Mexico is complete without a walk on the beach. Here is Ang 20 weeks pregnant and enjoying the warm sand!

Here is one of our many trips into Downtown Cabo. Our resort was about a 10 minute drive from Downtown.

Sunset Cruise around Lover's Beach. Fine night with beautiful scenery!

Boys will be boys and play in waves.

Kayaking to Lover's Beach.

Whale Watching~ we got lucky and saw 2 whales up close! We were also lucky enough to see them jumping out of the water from our resort.

Christmas Eve, our last night before coming home.

What a great trip full of great memories !